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Woodlands is a town in Singapore. It is a part of CDC or the North West Community Development Council district.

Woodlands is adjacent to SungeiKadut Industrial Estate and Sembawang New town. It is connected to the Johor Bahru City, which is located at the southernmost part of Malaysia, by Johor Singapore Causeway. Woodlands is also connected well Yishun through Gambas Avenue and Senoko by Woodlands Avenue 10. Woodlands has the largest shopping mall, and is also home to many Singapore Republic Polytechnic, Sports School and Innova Junior College. Woodlands’ development are mainly concentrated in the eastern, southern and central portion of the estate, leaving country side lifestyle of serenity, fresh air and staying near to mother nature.

Large open grasslands, spaces, parks communal garden and recreational facilities are found everywhere in Woodlands. Most of the housing blocks are interconnected, providing shelter throughout the entire division within states. The place is very different than the urban lifestyle. The place is filled with abundant parks. The place is rich with pleasant environments. Woodlands’parks have served the place for a longer time and the recent addition of the Woodlands Waterfront is helping it to become a place of scenic beauty.

When Singapore was known for its ports in 1823, Woodlands served as the only connection between the Malayan Peninsula and port in Singapore, connecting two states via Johor Singapore Causeway in 1924. Woodlands mainly resemblance the old Singapore culture and style. Woodlands is home to many different people living together in peace. It is the early development successes which became today’s structure for future entertainment, transportation, leisure and education.

There are nine neighbourhoods and three constituencies in Woodlands made of Woodgrove, Marsiling and Admiralty. Woodlands is diverse during the day time and is well lit during the night. The place is well connected through bus routes and the transportation service is also available during night. The place is also well designed with tall buildings and residential housing.

The Education system is eventually spreader in the estate. There are newly opened schools and also old schools that are well known for their education system. There are many top institution in the northern region of the estate. The schools are mainly allocated into N7 and N5 clusters. The first sports school in Singapore is also a boarding school with some of the finest and best spots facilities.

Woodlands is easily accessible by roads and expressways, with large underground bus interchange. The bus routes is under the SMRT Buses and SMRT Trains operate MRT Station. The Woodlands is served by three MRT Stations. One being the Woodlands MRT Station, second is the Marsiling MRT Station and Admiralty MRT Station. The bus interchange is now located at Woodlands Square which was shifted from Woodlands Town Center. The place has well maintained roads and the transportation system is quite efficient compared to other estate. Twelve avenue help and support the entire traffic of the estate. Avenue 2, Avenue 7 and Avenue 3 are the busiest ones as they come from the expressways.


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