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17 Zasm Ave, Waterval Boven, 1195
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UBUNTU is a movement of higher consciousness with a message of unity, abundance and prosperity for all. We have a simple plan to create a new social structure on our planet that will release us all from the socio-economic slavery that we are trapped in. A system in which everyone can contribute their skills and talents for the benefit of everyone in their community – in the true UBUNTU spirit. UNITY within Community is our motto.

The movement has grown to members and supporters in over 200 countries with the strongest in South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Austria, and many more. We share critical information about the origins of money, how it is created and controlled by the global banking elite and how our central banking system has created a slavery system in which we are all equally enslaved without realising it.

UBUNTU believes that the solutions to our problems are really simple – but they have to come from the people and not from corporations or bureaucratic government departments who hold the rights of corporations above those of living breathing human beings. The system we live in is BROKEN – it cannot be fixed by using the same tools that created it. We need to find a NEW SYSTEM.

Over a period of 12 years of learning from many experiences in over 30 countries, the UBUNTU Movement has developed a simple plan of action to create a new alternative, for every living breathing human being – without any violence, opposition or conflict. We call it the ONE SMALL TOWN – Can Change The World strategy. We are not only talking about it – we are doing it. Since our launch in Jan 2017, our plan has attracted the attention of several Mayors in the USA, Canada and South Africa and we are truly on a rapid path to creating this new reality for us – abundance and prosperity for all.


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