Hyacinth Haven Bird Sanctuary

The Crags, 6600 ,South Africa
Hyacinth Haven Bird Sanctuary Hyacinth Haven Bird Sanctuary is one of the popular Animal Shelter located in ,The Crags listed under Non-profit organization in The Crags , Animal Shelter in The Crags ,

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Hyacinth Haven was originally built to accommodate much loved companion birds, a place where they had as much freedom in as natural surroundings as possible. Over the years however, many people sought to offer their own companion birds a better life and so we agreed to take them in. A safe haven has also been offered to birds that have for various reasons needed a new home. The only alternative for some of these birds was euthanasia.
And so, Hyacinth Haven became more of a sanctuary as the rescued birds far outnumber the original companions.
At Hyacinth Haven we do not adopt out these birds but rather endeavour to give them a more natural life with their own kind in large purpose built aviaries. Here they are encouraged to express their natural behaviours and have the freedom of flight.
The sanctuary consists of three main aviaries; Hyacinth Haven which is home to the macaws, Grey Too which houses mainly African Greys and Cockatoos and The Gentle Aviary for birds of a quieter and gentler disposition. Alongside and inside these are other transition aviaries and enclosures for birds that do not get along in the main aviaries for various reasons.

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